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    Can someone seed environment.xsip for new people

    Hey i just pre ordered the game and I downloaded the patch but it will still take 2 days for me to download environment.xsip or other big starting downloads. Can someone seed it through torrent for me, atm i am seeding the new patch for other people would be really helpful. Thanks guys

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    thank you so much !my download is about a 1.5 gig download i was hoping environmt was the bulk of it but it might not be . What is the biggest download other than zone ? thanks again !

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    Texture I believe is close to 900mb and should be the second largest after zone.

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    could someone please host texture then because that seems to be the bulk of what is left. would really appreciate it!

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    isnt there a direct download for the entire /date folder?

    torrent and patcher are slow!

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    Idk but I will def host it/ or seed it (if there is one) when i am done.

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    From February 19th... archived forum post.

    Don't know how fast it is or how out of date the files might be, but it might be worth a shot.

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