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    Can connect to the EU server but not the US Server

    so I downloaded the patch from the torrent and copied into my data directory. I am not able to connect to the US Server, getting a cant connect to patch server. But I can connect to the EU server.

    I was able to loging and gather leather there... with my character.

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    im stuck connecting on eu and unable to connect on the us one

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    You guys do realise that the US/EU thing is just for patching? If you have the latest patch, connecting through EU is the only way, as the US one is dead. It takes a while to get there, but it does connect.

    Will it did until a moment ago when they rebooted the server again.

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    The two options for servers are purely for patching. The actual game server is in the US; there is no European game server.

    Again: There is only ONE SINGLE game server. You will connect to that game server no matter which option you choose to patch from.


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    well I finally connected to the server, then the server went down. But now I get incorrect username-password for US server, but it works on the EU side!?!?!?

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    Same-ish. US Patcher told me my username doesn't exist, EU patcher is just chillaxin' at Connected.

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    Getting incorrect user name for US and can't connect
    It appears to let me connect to EU without that error

    Fix please

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    Same here, I think it has something to do with the server being down. Perhaps the login server is too.

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    The NA server gives a Incorrect User Name message, but EU works.. slowly.

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    on mine, EU just stays at connected but hasnt gone past. They should really update the server status better

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