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    Global Chat - A feature by building a HAM radio

    So Global Chat would be a feature that you could turn on and off, based on the building of a HAM radio.

    HAM radio would be a crafted item.

    Only problem I see with this is how to power the HAM using in-game lore. Solar?

    Good idea? Suggestions?

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    I doubt that global chat would be reimplemented and I would not want it to but in response to powering it use a waterwheel construction.

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    So you want them to create electronics (which as far as I know don't exist in the game at all) so that you can talk to everyone at once? Or is this more of a Gilligan's Island thing and you want the materials to be 2 potatoes and a dinner plate?

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    I like the premise of having to create a HAM radio to join global chat.

    Only problem chat is not worth the effort.

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    There is a satalite in the opening screen picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coca View Post
    There is a satalite in the opening screen picture.
    Yeah I noticed that. I thought it was a bit odd... perhaps they will unleash aliens on us at some point.

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    I think the idea of a Ham radio for global chat is a good one.

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