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    Stats: max stats, levelling, character creation..

    Hi everybody,

    Everytime I ask something related to this, people send me to the character creation guide. There I don't find what I want to know, so lets see if this time someone can give me and people like me more information.

    I created my character and I spent the 100 points on stats based on what I thought I would be doing the first days at the game. But I still don't know for sure how all this system works. The stats you decide at character creation are the max stats you will ever get? For example, if I put 70 in str, I will never have more than 70 even if I train skills related to str or "untrain" skills related to other stat, that other stat decreases and then another one (str in this case) increases? Or the stats at character creation are just your initial stats and they can all increase till a max that nobody knows (or maybe it is already known)? So basically, is it SO important to choose carefully your initial stats at character creation because you can gimp yourself or it is just something that can be easily changed over time by playing the game?

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    I believe your second scenario. The stats you choose at first are just where you start and they will migrate based on what you do.

    As with most answers to most questions with Xsion, it's hard to say for certain as most answers are just theories based on people experiences. None of this is written anywhere, we just have to figure it out.

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    Stats have been a little confusing, but I'm pretty sure that they can increase and decrease over time.

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    I can confirm that they decrease. I have never had one increase as of yet.

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    My thoughts on it are....

    They have a set pool number, which you get at start.....some will decrease over time thru non-use, and others will increase thru use....but never more than the total amount of points you had at start.

    I have had strength and spirit decay one point. I have had strength regain the one point lost in it.

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    Someone said the following in a different thread:

    You might decrease stats by a hundredth or a tenth, but only the whole number is displayed (rounding down in all cases). You can have 70 str and lose 0.1 or 0.01 and then it will resemble 69.9 or 69.99, but you'll see 69 only. Then if you had a stat at 70.1 you would think it is just 70.

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    From what I understand, orious13 has the right idea. It seems like every point you lose is gained somewhere else, so this theory that stats change in smaller increments seems to explain what is going on quite well.

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