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    Youtube vids to pass the time

    Post your favorite time-passers for downtime an such!

    Here's 1/17 of the whole Yellow Submarine movie... which is a crazy 60's classic that everyone should see at least 3 times.

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    Love the altered story-line ego flashbacks hahahaha

    [i]Added after 14 Hours 30 minutes[/i]:
    Bunch of old hippie philosophy vids from Alan Watts... amazing how stuff from 30-50 years ago sounds even more applicable now (to me).
    [url][/url] Life is music/dancing
    [url][/url] everyone is god, says the guru
    [url][/url] child vs adult mindset (2 balls in space = impossible to tell which is moving) both perspectives essential

    [url][/url] consume, conform, obey; this is why I visit my friends in the mountains HAH. awesome.

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    To pass the time I hear German gangsterrap like this:


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    German Gangsta Rap is very hard

    but also good old german death metal is hardcore


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    Funny sh*t. NSFW.


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    Not posting any vids, just wanted to say thanks to Chaosegg for the Alan Watts videos, spent a few hours listening to him and they were a big help to me.

    Thanks again mate.

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