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    Reincarnation Recruitment

    Welcome to / Reincarnation which is a gaming community that was founded simply to be the very best PvP MMO Clan for adults who are serious about gaming. Founded on Darkfall, we are composed primarily of players from western US and the eastern US. We are a group that values friendship, loyalty, accountability, and integrity.

    We are most active between 9:00pm ET to 3:00am ET nightly with a peak around 9:00pm ET. For maximum participation, we recommend that you're available during that time.

    Ehatu, Yenar, Kenny, Targ, Koie

    Percy, Hochie, Dave, Don, Merch, Rizz

    Membership Requirements

    The following basic requirements apply to all members and ranks:

    Ventrilo is REQUIRED! (We have a 1,000 person server)

    Emotional & mental stability and maturity
    Must have and use Ventrilo
    Must have and use a Microphone in Ventrilo
    Age of 18+
    Membership with this Clan website
    o In-game character registered in the clan roster
    Involvement. We all crave some solo game-time, but expect it to be balanced with participation (we do not PvP solo)

    How to Become a Member

    Contact any clan officer to initiate contact via Ventrilo - / 13312 / GIANTS - please put App in your comments.
    We find that the best way for a clan and a recruit have to mutually evaluate the fit is to ask questions, get to know each other, but above all, to actually play online together.
    o Offer and solicit assistance often. Regardless of your level.
    o Install & use Ventrilo. It's the only effective means we have to coordinate & socialize.
    If our play-styles and attitude mesh well, you will eventually be offered full membership status. If determined not to be a good match by either the leadership or of your own accord, you will be removed.

    Currently / Reincarnation is playing Darkfall on the NA1 Server as REINCARNATION and the Irish Republic Army and Global Agenda as RE1N until the release of Xsyon.

    In Xsyon we will be resuming the use of the tag REINCARNATION plan to be a very large PvP and Trading Clan as we have been in the following games.

    Past Games:

    AoC Tyranny Server (First incarnation of Reincarnation still active lead by Osid)

    AION Fregion Server (Chapter Closed however we are still ranked in the top 15 even though we have been gone for over two months.)

    Current Games:

    Darkfall NA1 (Still active though much smaller than originally due to the decline in the game overall)

    Global Agenda

    Future Games:



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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    Welcome Ehatu

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    Welcome to Xyson Ehatu Ehatu!!

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    Thanks, nice to see some people from Darkfall here as well.

    Since Mortal was such a disaster / unplayable we are really looking forward to Xsyon.

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    Thanks for selling me a safe Ehatu, now I can bank all my yssam loot!

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    Did Cattboy ever find one? We have another.

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    I'll tell him, but ya he really needs one so if you can msg him in game.

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    Have him give me or Targ Stoneheart a tell. We also have some cottages we want to unload.

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment

    We have all of our preorders in.

    Still looking for additional members.

    Thank you.

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    Re:Reincarnation Recruitment


    Long time, long time :P

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