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    Removing rocks with pick

    seems to be off or buggered. I get the red circle around breakable rocks, but am unable to bust them. Dont know how much lag this function might create, its probably just turned off.
    Also, when i set permissions on basket to friend, i have to place basket in neutral territory for it to be accessible. wont allow friend to open it on anothers land. this doesnt seem right to me, a friend is a friend no matter who's land basket is placed on, no?
    Also, regarding the rock busting deal, i dont get the pop-up asking to break rock, nor do i get a message telling me function is turned off.

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    I apologize if I'm telling you stuff you already know, just going to try to be helpful here.

    The rock has to be in your area. Larger rocks require finding the "sweet spot" to get the menu thing up... basically just gotta run around and over it right clicking till it works. Maybe turned off but a clanny was busting them up a few hours ago.

    As for baskets, no non-clanny can open any basket on clan turf. Even if it's set to public. I can see the arguements for having it either way, so I'm just as happy with it either way.

    Again sorry if you already knew all this.

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    didnt know that stuff , thanks!

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