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Thread: Animals!!!!

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    Where the heck are they?!?!?!?!?!

    Atleast the 12 hour rollback means I get to make my character again. This time bonecrafting is not being chosen..

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    More like 1:55 at this point. Have some perspective and think about japan

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    Animals are turned on now. There's one in my camp that kills me every time I spawn. Lag means I don't get to do much before dying, over and over. Not much point in playing.

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    I hate to say this, being the hippeej that I am, but I may have been the first on the server to kill something. And it was a deer, and of course I got everything from it except the antlers

    In short: animals are in - now is the PvP turned on or not?

    Seems a reasonable question

    Lucas aka Flux

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    Quote Originally Posted by moat View Post
    good to hear!

    Honestly I do not give two shits about Japan... I am a douche bag scum bag who only gives a shit about his friends and family. Hope they can learn to swim cause at this rate they will be underwater soon.
    unless you live on top of Everest I would recomend you keep your swiming skillz sharp too

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    was just kilt by a coyote. lag wouldnt let me swing at it. when my ghost finally appeared, it was swinging. coyote laughed .

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    Can you at least switch the animals off until you fix the damn lag? impossible to fight bears that pop in your camp with 1000ms latency.

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