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Thread: Tighter Modding

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    Tighter Modding

    I've noticed in the IRC chat, as well as on the forums, the community tends to get quite a bit more unruly after lags and rollbacks, and it might be a good idea to bring on a few more mods or guides to help quell these issues.

    I've noticed in the forum "who's online" list that there are quite a few online, but as I sit in IRC, I notice that they're always idle, save Virtus. Maybe IRC-specific modding? Either way, a little more coaxing to the users might be helpful.

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    I agree. If everyone can say whatever they want, rant and complain on the forums, whats the need for a mod?

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    I disagree. Tighter modding will only lead to more anger. Let people went a bit while devs fix the game. As soon as server is up everyone shuts up anyway

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