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Thread: Signs for Sale

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    Signs for Sale

    Since signs are now in the game, it's time to offer a selection of popular signs to the community at large.

    "Don't touch my junk." [Sign]

    This best seller is essential for tribes, clans and homesteads with unwalled junk piles.

    Collection: TSA

    Customers who bought this also bought: Supreme Stabby Combat Blade; "Please take off your shoes." [Sign]

    Customer Reviews:
    "We're going to need paint. We're going to need red paint." -- Mal R.

    "Get off my lawn!" [Sign]

    Great for hermits and basketmakers everywhere. Comes in spring green or fall brown.

    Collection: Grumpy Old Man

    Customers who bought this also bought: Forager's Master Weaver, The Sensuous Dirty Old Man [Paperback]

    Customer Reviews: "Sex is dirty, if you do it right" -- Isaac A.

    "Only Bear Bones in This Bin." [Sign]

    Are your tribe members putting fish in your bone bins? How about medium metal plates in with the cloth scraps? Get this complete set.

    Collection: OCD

    Customers who bought this also bought: "Only Green Cloth in This Bin." [Sign]; "Only Fandango Cloth in This Bin." [Sign] ...

    "Detour -->" [Sign]

    Perfect for tricking people into running off a cliff or into a tunnel painted on a cliff face.

    Collection: Acme

    Customers who bought this also bought: "Help!" [Sign]; Rocket Skates; How to Build a Burmese Tiger Trap

    Customer Reviews: "Beep. Beep." -- Accelleratii Incredibus

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    I think I'm the bear bone OCD with all my bags lol

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