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    Second day with teh same error

    Unable To Load Ground Levels For Zone: 1023 Sector: 8

    anyone get the same error?
    anyone can help me solve this?

    thank you

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    I get surfacez zone 1018 and 1019 errors when i try to load into a certain area. The way to fix it is make a new character and avoid the area where you get the error. I assume its corruption with the patch that is doing it though. I will try to re download the patch and tell you if it helps.

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    I got the same problem "error surfacez zone 851" i think when im in zone 896, or as i see, it does not eksist, ned to make new caracter

    it was in 857, now i cant enter de game whitout making a bew caracter

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    Bumping, as this is the third day with the error, no repairs been promised or sumthin, so, just letting know that it is still borken

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