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    germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    Hi, everybody
    i try to write in english, although the topic is about germanspeaking

    i know the community will talk english and this would be the major language within the game, but i am looking for germanspeaking players or a tribe who internal speaks german.

    I saw a few germans in the "where you come from" thread, but don't know if they are all in different englishspeaking tribes or plan to found some germanspeaking.

    If you are germanspeaking clanleader or player who is looking for a germanspeaking tribe/ community i would be glad to hear from you.

    hf Stun o/

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    i'm from germany.
    Haven't preordered yet, but if i join the game, a german tribe or pvp squad would be nice.

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    for now i am a nomad of xsyon, although they are englishspeaking i think this tribe will pretty much fit of what i want to play.
    Maybe if more germans want to do their own thing i consider to found the roamers of xsyon in realtionship to my community ([url][/url]) as the german counterpart to the nomads.

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    I am German, I can always help with translations if needed! Though I do not live in Germany so my timezones are off.

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    Hmmm no german here, but what if I speak a lot of pig latin? Would that get me in?

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    pig-latin nescivi :laugh:

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    I would prefer a german speaking Tribe too. Even though i have no problem with speaking english.

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    Just found out about this game today. I will preorder soon 100%. Aaaand, im german.

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    Now...the Network Website by the German Multigaming Clan " A BETTER TOMORROW" is ready!...Thx to Zeroxul for this good work
    A-B-T is now Recruiting German Players!..We play at the GOOD Site of XSYON!


    Whorlok (Multigaming Clan-Leader A-B-T,Officer FE)

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    Re:germanspeaking players/ tribes/community

    Yeah and well we have also finished now the goals and the story around it :P so it is now more then only the 3 sentence that whorlok posted first. Check it out =)

    oh and a new URL that directs you to our Network Xsyon Webside.

    [url=]Xsyon German Network[/url]

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