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    Wolfpack - Not Your Father's Trash Pile Tribe

    Greetings apocalyptic survivors! I am the leader, or alpha of the tribe called “Wolfpack”. We are a small group a little different from the norm. While many survivors are making camp on top of trash piles we are as far away from “civilization” as we could manage, and look to live off of the land. Sure we have to make trips to the trash piles, but we try to push ourselves and get what we can from our local rivers, mountains, and wildlife.

    We don’t have the luxury of having lots of former soldiers, boxers and the like in our tribe. Our membership consists of people that come from a science and industry background mostly, and this requires us to outwit and outmaneuver our opponents.
    Wolfpack is of neutral standing, and we’ll do what is in our best interest to survive in this new setting. If that means we steal materials, or fight those that contest our resources or land then so be it.

    If you want to test yourself out in the forest away from others then stop by our camp and introduce yourself.

    Wolfpack is a small tribe that has a background in some form or fashion in other MMO’s. We look for mature members, ages 18+ that enjoy a fun and drama free environment. Most of us are adults with families so family members are welcome regardless of age for we try to maintain a family friendly environment.

    As a tribe we try to immerse ourselves into this apocalyptic scene and promote RP at whatever level each member is comfortable with from just playing as yourself to increasing levels of RP.

    In my time in beta I found that living next to a trash pile really encouraged complacency, and I spent a lot of time digging through the trash. With the game going live I theorize that living away from such luxuries will encourage the tribe to do more hunting, scouting, and raiding, and less time digging in the junk.

    We try to find people that are a good fit for us and us for them. Feel free to stop by our “Xsyon Tribe Info” forum for additional info if you like what you hear so far.

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    Still looking for pack members.

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    We're up to 7 members. Still looking for more.

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