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    Wink Looking for a tribe as well.

    I am looking forward to a tribe that is mature and active enough so I could do some PVP with some of you. I want later on to tame animals, get better in scavenging, architecture (like almost everyone I think) and Bonecraft. I speak French and English as well.

    I am looking for a tribe that do some RP to, not hardcore though and that has plans. I might become a trader later if I don't find what I am looking for, but really want to make some fun with a group! I know how the mechanism of the game work.

    I was in a tribe that the others has stop already to play this game for a while... I am not a German by the way! Just like the language! (My name)

    Looking forward to play with you,


    Edit: I am looking for a neutral/good alignment!

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    Pm sent, check your mail.

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    hi we are a smaller tribe of 6 people and are currently looking for some good players. recruit info is in my sig send me a pm if interested.

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    Pandemic tribe is still looking for potential members.

    We are a tribe that is leaning towards pvp.
    We are a tribe that stick out for eachother in good and bad times.
    We have experienced pvp'ers and crafters from the alpha that can help people with any questions or aid.
    We are a stable vibrant tribe with around 25-30 members.
    We use teamspeak 3 comms.
    And RL comes always first!

    If your interested and curious check our website or recruitment thread.
    If you have the time you can also pop into our teamspeak and chat around for a bit!

    Goodluck with your choice and have fun playing Xsyon.

    Recruitment thread xsyon:
    Pandemic tribe website :
    teamspeak 3: port:9987

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    If you wanna roll with the cool kids, let me know

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    Thank you everyone for your invitations! I may have found already a place to stay! Looking forward to see you all in-game!

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    check us out
    We are a close knot group of traders and we work well together

    edit:nm saw you found a group

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