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    Looking for a Tribe...

    After the last fail launch in February I didn't think I would ever come back but Xsyon has such potential I can just walk away.

    I am looking for a tribe to play and ride out the rough launch with.

    I am an old time gamer from back in the UO days, I am looking for an MMO without the Theme park rides and watered down, painless, we all win PvP. I am hoping that over time Xsyon can shape up to be the game I have been looking.

    I play a bit more than a casual gamer, and try to balance real life with team goals. I like helping build up a Team, PvP as with a Team and play as a Team.

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    you can check us out- info in my sig.

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    i used to play uo on the catskills, sonoma and napa shards link to our recruitment is in my sig. we are a laid back tribe with ts3 and working on a webpage. 6 members right now and looking to grow to about 20 or so send me a pm or whisper me ingame name is blake

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    PM sent, plz check your mail

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    send pm

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