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Thread: Recipe Sorting

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    Recipe Sorting

    Would it be possible to get a sort by name or by item type for the craft skills, saves me searching through all recipes, Would be nice to be able to group them.

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    Or recipee tree already sorted. And a scroll bar please.

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    Plus one for a scroll bar. Recipe sorting by name would also be very nice.

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    Add Jump to Req

    Seems like a good spot to add a request to recipes:

    When clicking requirements in the recipe, automatically switch to that recipe in your list. Many times, I need twine, but I need string to make twine. When viewing twine recipe, left click the icon for string and it jumps to the string recipe.

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    Please let us sort the recipes by sets for our skills. Its okay at first but when you get 3 different sets of armor of tailoring... Its a long long scroll

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    Now that I have 40 recipes in one craft, it is a paaaaaain to click all the way up to make leather straps, and I know some people probably have 100s by now.

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    Would be nice if the recipe list could be sorted and filtered. For example if I want to make leather pants I could get a list of just pants, or I want to make a complete set I could get a list of just that set.

    It would also be nice for the system to not reset the list back to the beginning when you learn a new recipe.

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    I think its becoming a must, as a toolcrafter i have almost 60 recipies with toolcraft skill of 40 and the list is getting a bit too long to have to click to scroll down for a min or two to get to the recipies near the bottom of the list. We need recipies sorted into their own catagories acessable via explorer-like window or just under different tabs, and in alphabetical order. And devs, while your work on this at least add scroll bars to all scrollable windows forgodsake!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saolite View Post
    I was "scrolling" through the different things I could craft, under the Toolcraft category, and after scrolling through 40+ objects, it starts to become a bit tedious looking for a single entry in the list.

    It would be nice if we could filter or sort our recipes, or even have some kind of " search " function if we're looking for one particular object.

    Alphabetically, by type ( Forager's, Scrapper's, etc ), or ..any sort of filtering process, honestly.

    It would also be nice if there was a sidebar, somewhat like a website, that we could manually scroll up and down with -- although this becomes less needed with filtering / sorting.

    EDIT :

    Also, if this has already been posted, my apologies. I only browsed through the top few pages before posting this.

    Was suggested some time back during beta. But yes, it would be great to have some sort of filter.

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