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    Hows it playing today?

    I haven't logged in since yesterday morning and refuse too until I know the lag is fixed, anyone care to comment and let me know if there is still lag or not?

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    working just fine for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by blake378 View Post
    working just fine for me
    How long have you been logged in and can you keep me posted throughout the day? Thanks in advance for your time boss.

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    I have been on for a few hours and lag as been fine for the most part just a couple of spikes here and there. I am just hoping they wont wipe again now because I'm starting to build up my Character again fingers crossed

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    I could play early European time today, started at about 11 am CET. No lag, game ran without problem, could even go hunting bears. Around 1.45 pm some lag came up, no monsterlag, still playable, but with actions no longer instant but with a few seconds delay.

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    I logged in about 8am GMT been fine all morning for me. Had 2 minor lag spikes that cleared after about 30secs.

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    I would wait until about 10 AM EST at least to see if that causes more issues. . that is about when it started getting bad yesterday. I logged in only to be returned to my totem with a death screen and my character stuck in the "prone" position so I am relogging. I am not having any lag issues though. You might want to hop on and gather some stuff quickly.

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    lag is starting to set in now its playable but its laggy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blake378 View Post
    lag is starting to set in now its playable but its laggy.
    So what is the PST time you are at now?

    I'm in PST + 8 (GMT + 1 actually) and by the time I get to play (after work + family) the lag usually is insane..

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