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    Looking for a tribe with optional PVP/RP


    I am looking for a casual tribe in with I can grow for the beginning of this game. I do PvP, but I do not want this to be the focus of my gaming experience so I prefer to join a crafting tribe who does not shy away from kicking someone in the balls if they threaten there territory and or members.

    I prefer a tribe that is active in the EU timezone. Does not have to be completely EU, but as long as there are a few people online in that timezone I am fine. I would not mind joining a RPish guild, as long as it is loosely (With allows you to talk to each other as players in-game). I have no focus on what I want to do and I am up for everything really. When farming is implemented I will focus on that, but that is still months away if not years. I do want to hunt and increase my combat capabilities to be able to defend myself and become a hunter type of player, but again this is something that I am looking to do when I have the skills, diplomatic relations and resources to back this up.

    I will create a new character as I have not done a lot on my current one anyway so I can focus on whatever crafting the tribe needs.

    NOTE: I am willing to consider a tribe that focuses on PvP as long as it has a active branch in crafting and does not force me to participate in PvP. I am all for defending my tribe and it's members, but unless it's really really needed I do not want to crusade against other tribes and actively attack them.

    I do not mind if my tribe does this though or even if they just mindless gank people for there stuff. I have played games all kind of ways and have no problem with gankers, thiefs and the likes. I believe one robs himself of a good gaming experience if he plays every game and character the same way!

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    pmed you!:d

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    I copyrighted the PM hopi you can no longer use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomer0901 View Post
    I copyrighted the PM hopi you can no longer use it.
    lolzzzz :P

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    Thanks for all the responses. Was actually a hard choice as I do love the concept of the Nomads, but decided to join Pendemic.

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    Not fair, Hopibear can speak Dutch! :P

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    We arent very RP oriented (but I like to RP) but one of our members Tyler is creating a PVP protection force
    Check us out

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