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Thread: skill decay

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    skill decay

    This I see hurting the game in it's future and before it hits it's prime.

    Skill Decay I see a huge issue here.
    I would suggest for future of Xsyon that only skill decay would be physical skill decay and not crafting decay. Crafting decay is like having Altimerze. Yes your physical body skills should decay but your brain skills shouldn't. I see this as a very hurt full feature in xsyon. I would recommend taking this idea back to consideration for the future of xsyon.

    No one is going to want to have to craft a few hundred items every day to keep a craft skill going. Once you learn it you shouldn't loose it. But like I said physical decay should happen.

    Taking away the crafting skill decay and leaving the physical decay makes it perfect.
    Any thoughts from others? If you have a thought please post if you dont dont post usesless post please.

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    I kinda like the idea of skill decay. It keeps people from learning everything and it keeps them from having to put in a hard skill cap.
    I look at it kinda like ya don't use it, you lose it. Like maybe 10 years ago I did a lot of woodworking. I might still have the basics on using the tools but I've forgotten a lot of it and am out of practice. I don't think it'll have to be "a few hundred items a day". I'm thinking you'll just have to keep using that skill, kinda keeping it in practice.

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