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    Looking for a tribe


    I am a new player looking for a tribe! I have plenty of experience in games similar to this so I think I will get the hang of things in Xyson fairly quickly. I don't really have any major requirements as far as tribes go... but I would prefer one who plans to stay active for a very long time, and is preferably most active during EST hours. I don't want to have to go off finding a new tribe every 2 weeks!

    Feel free to PM!


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    Welcome to Deathwatch my friend

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    Check out Pandemic Tribe ;-) we love pvp and we do lots of crafting too...

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    All the cool tribes are doing it, so i PMed too.

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    Check us out here
    We aren't very pvp oriented but we do need some strong pvpers for defense
    We have a thriving town of 25 members and we would love to add another crafter to our ranks
    We are a neutral tribe and we have players from both sides of the globe; so there is almost always someone on
    We also boast the mighty Temple to the Great River and are currently working on building cabins and walls

    You can contact Ravelli, reef, earlgrey, wicked, or me Anna for more information

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