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Thread: AFK actions

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    AFK actions

    I am already seeing people running afk into walls, etc. So is this allowed?

    Is there a firm stance against this? Or for it?

    Where is the /report function to report afk macroers/autorunners?

    Should I start doing this now to not fall behind?

    Also video evidence, is this accepted or not?

    Need to have a Dev answer these questions completely and leave no grey areas.

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    as with most "laws" after the fact.. they don't stop the bad guys from doing it and many times getting away with it. It's better to start bitching now about how the game can be improved so that macroing doesn't give a clear advantage..

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    If you see a player running into a wall afk and out of their safe zone. Easy solution, kill them . Macroer down!

    Saying that it would be nice to have a /report button for these kind of happenings.

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    the issue is most of them find a spot to do it in their safe zone.. even sen a guy doing it halfway up a water fall where the water would help conceal him afk grinding while in his safe zone..

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    Search is your friend.... you should talk to it more!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tredo View Post
    Search is your friend.... you should talk to it more!!
    Except they are completely different topics on the first page. . you changed your topic. . anyone starting to read the thread will not think it is about that.

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    /h is the help command. Tell the GM about it. First you should watch them for a minute to make sure they are really afk. If they are clearly macroing tell the GM they will investigate.

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    If at all possible AFK macroers should be killed on sight. If there are any in your tribe then that is even better as you will be able to kill them easy.

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    This post made me warm and fuzzy in my pants....

    PS. Happy saint patty's day folks

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    I see nothing wrong with auto-running into a wall. 9 times out of 10 that guy you see is at his keyboard because you have to rest every once in awhile. Also the advantage they get in running isn't that much, all it does it make you fatigued less well running. Also, only time people really did this was when all features were turned off, now that their back on most people just go on with their regular stuff.

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