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    What i would like to see

    Crafting: There should be quality on things that you craft and they should have durability so they can get broken.

    War: Make a few factions that the tribe could join. Tribes in same faction couldent fight each other only sparr. Buildings should also have durability. The factions shouldent be close so we have time to prepair for war. When you die you should respawn at the tribal pole. Som kind of guards that the tribe could hire for some rare metal. Some kind of flag in each tribe that we could conquer and gain something in reward.

    War machinse like catapult, tanks, ships. Tanks could be horses with armour that have a cart that people could sit on.

    I would like to see guns. Some Evil NPC that we could fight, could be animals that have been radiated and got huge.

    Dont likes:

    Third person view, why could i see if anyone sneaks up behind me. This is something only guides should be able to use. Maybe in some areas you should be able to see your self in third person view. Maybe a skill of some sort that you could use for a short amount of time.

    You already have a vision on your games but i would really like to see something like this ingame.

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    Crafting: There already is a quality and durability in-game, but they turned off tooltips and never turned them back on because the tooltips stayed on screen after you had already moved your mouse off.

    War: No, there will never be "Factions" this isn't World of Warcraft. The devs have said that there will NEVER be any NPCs (besides mobs) or NPC towns.

    There will probably be siege weapons at some point, NOTHING as advanced as tanks or ships (there will be boats, but nothing bigger than a canoe). And there will be horses in game later, so you don't even need TANKS. Also I believe that the devs have said there will never be guns in-game. Well they aren't "EVIL" but they have said that if a bear doesn't get killed for a long time and keeps killing other mobs and people it will in effect "Level Up" and grow and possibly even become a legendary creature. Also they plan to add in mutants and zombies at some point.

    There will always be third person view, there is a first person if you want but I think I remember the devs saying they will not force people to first person because the whole system has been based around third person view.

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    Let me clear out what i mean with "Factions" i have never played WOW so i dont know how it works. But this is how i think it should works.
    Think of it like countries where you can travel between em. You can raid tribes in other country and get some rewards when you loot em. Still thinks NPC guards is needed if this game will have destructables buildings otherwise it will be zurgs like DF. Every country have their president that desides what laws to obey.
    Have played some Wurm and they have a great backbone but the grafik and pvp sucks will stick with it if this game fails. The game will get borrred if the backbone sucks no matter what.

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