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    Smile Question about trees

    I am wondering about trees lately (I'm *not* a treehugger though!).

    Does someone know whether trees 'spawn' at all or that they will regrow once they are cut down by someone?

    And also, is it possible for someone to but down trees on the tribe-lands of others?
    Or is that strictly restricted to the owners of those lands?

    At this time in the game there are trees a-plenty but I can imagine that a tribe (or even solo players) cut down trees for further processing (buildings, fences, tools etc) and in that process make a barren countryside. So how will trees be replenished?


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    I know that tree spawns were going to be turn on eventually, I'm guessing they are already in. And I'm pretty sure that you can still cut down trees on another person's tribeland (I might be wrong), although I don't think you can gather the logs.

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    You can not cut down trees on someone's land. There is a tree next to my homestead, standing alone as tribe next door choped down everything they could. If they could take it they would have.

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