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    Logging into the game.

    Can you please automate patching into the client log in? It seems like this should be easy enough to streamline the two of these so we don't have to enter in account name and password each time we try to log in.

    You first log into the client, have it check to see if your running the current version and let you in.. If you aren't, then it should auto connect and download the patch. this would eliminate a ton of people on the patch servers throughout the day that are using the correct client already. You should be able to patch manually if you wanted but not make it a requirement each time you log in.

    Waiting 2 times and entering the same data twice is redundant.

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    I agree, it's lame.

    Not to mention the Patcher accepts Numpad Enter, but the game does not, so I always end up having to press enter twice since I try to use Numpad enter. It all adds up and is really annoying.

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    I agree, having to login twice is just plain silly. Either login at the patcher or the game menu, theres really no need to login twice.

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    Yep, but good thing you can cut and paste your password. Makes it a lot faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by millsdo View Post
    Yep, but good thing you can cut and paste your password. Makes it a lot faster.
    Indeed, but then you have to be careful not to accidently paste it into chat -.-

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