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    Ok, we are live now. So these issues are cutting into customer time.

    1. What are you doing to deal with the lag that is currently making the game virtually unplayable?

    2. What kind of timeframe are we looking at, for completion of these fixes?

    Yes, this is the first week of launch and I know issues are to be expected. It would be nice to know roughly how long its going to be, before we should expect some changes for the better.


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    For what its worth, Eart Rise is still unplayable, uses way more resources, has hell of alot more lag that just got fixed last week, and it was released on feb-4-11 that game still has major game breaking issues still going on, and the only thing to do is run around and gank each other, there isn't any terraforming/citybuilding, just craft weapons or armor and gank(oops i mean pvp)

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