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    The Great Legionnaires (Good)

    I wasn't going to recruit until later because I want to see if this game will fix some of the major problems I have with it, but really I guess thats the same boat everyone is in, so I'm putting out an advertisement anyway for people who are interested or at least to let everyone know what we are all about.

    The Great Legionnaires

    If you join the Great Legionnaires there are two things you should expect right off the bat. First of we are a very honorable clan, and expect our members to behave as such. Things such as helping people learn the game or giving someone a helping hand are highly encouraged. Things such as killing random people for their items, being rude to people inside or outside the alliance, etc. simply will not be tolerated.

    That said we are no carebears, as the next rule will make clear. We are hardened PVPers determined to do our very darn best to defend ourselves, and every neutral, allied, or friendly player out there. It is actually against GL rules to surrender, or meet any demands your opponent makes to avoid a fight if it would shame us. (Example: If a neutral tells you to get off their tribal territory or they will kill you, you may do so. If a hostile tells you "Give me a single beer tab and I will leave you alone", giving in shows he has the dominance to tell you what to do, and is not allowed.) If you join us, be ready to fight, fight hard, and fight to the death if need be.

    If GL thrives in this game there are several goals we want to meet. First off:

    Make the game safer for all fluffy little carebears and decent folk. There will always be danger in a game like this, but if we meet our goal every lawless ruffian out there will always be checking over their shoulder fearing the Great Legionnaires may swoop down on them at any moment.

    Make this gaming community a more positive experience. We do this by treating everyone with respect. We respect each other, we respect those we talk to, we respect those we trade with, we even respect the lawless ruffians as best we can manage. They don't have to hate us, just fear us. We do this by talking respectfully to those we meet, offering help to those we meet, not being unessicarily cruel to lawless ruffians by doing things like spawn camping ruffians who have not been spawn camping anyone else.

    And finally we want to build an empire and kick some butt! We build an empire by working our butts off to build a tribe worth being proud of, with a strong military, strong economy, strong diplomatic connections, and a fearsome reputation. We kick butt by being us. If this doesn't make sense refer to the part about fighting to the death and never surrendering part over and over and over again.

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    The Great Legionnaires is still looking for members with a strong fighting spirit and the desire to improve their gaming community. I would also like to note that I can make a really awesome cowboy outfit. You know you want the hat.

    PM me if you're interested.

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    Currently working on our first real home. Fort Tharak. Come join us to get in on the terraforming action.

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    GL had its first real venture into Xsyon's PVP tonight. Before it had merely been a misunderstanding and getting jumped by random ruffians while out gathering. Tonight GL took the fight to the PKers, scoring several kills, and depriving these menaces of the equipment to cause further strife. I would like to note that tonights success was largely due to the assistance of Peekay, who brought his impressive PKing experience to the fight making it a 2vs2, to side with GL in defense of the locals. All around some good fights. Fights which hopefully will include more GL soon.

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    GL has jumped headlong into the world of trading. Once you join up with us we'll add any goods/services you want to advertise to this topic:

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    With the terraforming of Fort Tharak finally coming to a close, the building is about to begin!

    I'm ready to start laying out those buildings, but if you're an architect considering a tribe and you like GL's values, we have a fort of entirely perfectly level ground with a raised and perfectly level dirt wall around the outside. Its a blank canvas any architect could make use of.

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