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    Vengeance Gaming Community

    The Vengeance Gaming Community is opening recruitment for our soon to be Xsyon Chapter. We are a large community that spans many well known and not so well known games.

    View our site for more information about the Community. If you would like to register in preparation for the prelude launch you can join us in our forums.

    Questions? Send me a PM.

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    Overall Policies(as seen from our page)

    Fun - First and foremost we are gamers and friends, we are here to do just that, have fun while playing the games we want with the people we like.

    Structure - We operate on a well defined and thought out chain of command, emphasizing respect and trust for all members.

    Loyalty - We have been brought together by unusual and sometimes extraordinary circumstances and we do what is necessary for Vengeance.

    Honor - Every member knows what it is to be Vengeance and lives this in game and out.


    Our History and some general info:
    [ul]-Were from Darkfall Online, clan was formed when NA server launched.
    -Clan Creators have been around in games before DarkFall.
    -We were a main force of 2 of the biggest alliances DF has ever seen.
    -We have a good group of core gamers who know how to play both casually and seriously.
    -We expand across multiple MMOs and FPS's, if you join us you don't just have to play Xsyon, you can join us in another game we play or get some of are members interested in one of your favorites :woohoo:
    -We are a PvP/PK clan, yes we fight others, if your a carebear this isn't the clan for you.
    -We like to have fun!!!! Were not Elitest, we are serious when the situation calls for it.[/ul]

    So if you want to become a member of a stable clan of good and friendly players and you like to PvP give us a shot, and apply.

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    So its a zerg guild?

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    Largion wrote:
    So its a zerg guild?
    Could of swarn this is a troll free area of the board.

    I'm assuming that you have a missconception of the word biggest. As it can have more then one meaning. Big = Power as well as numbers. Back in the days of us being members of these illfated alliances we had competition of equal numbers in the form of mercs being hired against us.

    So if your one of those "OMG ZERG" kinda of players that spawned from the cesspool of world of warcraft please take you and your kind to another MMO, I recommend runescape. you can probably handle that game.... right?

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    So what was the amount of members you had when you where the mainforce?

    Its just questions noone will die. :P

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    Considering that when we were known as Viking Nation or Valhalla we were the main force because of clan mergers of Vengeance and Reincarnation.Reincarnation brought most of the members but we still went under the name of vengeance.

    During said time we had probably close to 80 actives, all being on vent. The core group of pre-merge vengeance members was round about 30. Along with other clans we controlled a good portion of the island of Nif, with are enemies being Ship Wrecked Pirates and Scary Bad guys at the time. We were a alliance of 4 main clans strong (Not counting the little clans that lived out of allied cities)

    The second was when we joined the Cairn alliance. We were still in the merge, which later changed (Most of the members that split are actually going to be in this game as well, they are in the clan BAC or Bad as Can. They were the higher ups of Reincarnation I believe) The leading clan of Cairn known as Sinister went under new management that made the clan fail so we jumped ship. Im not 100% sure of the details that happened during are departure from the Cairn alliance as my Alienware had taken a massive dump and didnt work at the time.

    Im sorry, I have misinformed some. Reincarnation didn't even exist when this merge happened. They disbanded shortly before. Are merge was actually that of multiple clans but the members of what is now BaC were known as Project Mayhem when they joined us.

    Sorry for the misleading, I had just came back from a break for college when this was going on, I got my information crossed.

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    Illmaculate wrote:
    This is such nonsense I don't even know where to begin. Check your facts before you post any more of this dribble, pal.
    Maybe to back up your claim you should tell me whats wrong first...pal.

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    I don't see how I made an ass of my self. I said nothing bad about you guys other then the merge split.

    There are numerous videos of Reincarnation in mamengruk and how many members you guys had. I wasn't a SG at that time nor am I one now, so I don't know jack about the real inner politics. All I know of was the general happenings of who we were with and what happened, and that's all I talked about.

    The only one making and ass of him self is you. dude, chill out.

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    Welcome to the community, I see you've already met Tribe Tribe and BaC. Please don't feed the animals... :P

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    Re:Vengeance Gaming Community

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Yeah the members of BaC use to play DFO with us, I guess there is still bad blood. I try not to feed them.

    And I see what I did wrong. I was just informed that you guys were not from reincarnation but Project Mayhem. My mistake, all I can remember is logging in after taking a break for college and having a shit load of people in are vent.

    I guess Reincarnation didn't even exists interms of when I merger happened nor did they bring the massive ammount of players. From what Ive been told is that are merge was of more then 2 clans but multiples.

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