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    Zdravo! (Hello) from the Balkans!

    Greetings from the Balkan states, !

    Ima li neki nasih?

    Looking forward to the PVP here, i guess ill see everyone in the battlefield ;]

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    but I wish you read some about the game,it's not focused on PvP,adn it has to be improved as soon as possible.

    But you have lots of things to enjoy

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    Ima "nasih". Al si se zajebao malo za PVP, ovo je kerberska igra

    As Mihir said, PVP is not the focus here, after all PVP got us the apocalypse so pvpers tend to be shot on sight by survivors

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    Yea I guess PvP will become more important a bit later in the game as it developes and more things open up

    "ali naravno da nas ima, nema igre gdje nema "naših" "

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