So I was thinking about land expansion and thought up a good idea that would be interesting and fun, if not a lil impractical. Basically an option once the clan hits tribe level the leader has the option to place a 2nd totem. The second totem can not be placed in the same zone as the first totem though. So if the tribe is in zone 977 the second totem can not be placed in zone 977! When the tribe leader places the 2nd totem he must choose a "Mayor" for the town from the current tribe members. The mayor controls the 2nd totems options and the new totem town becomes like a sub-tribe in the tribe with the mayor as the leader for that town.

The mayor can invite people to join the sub tribe and set up ranks within the sub tribe. As the sub tribe grows so does the second totems area making it completely separate from the main tribes number of players. But at the same time its still the same tribe! When talking in tribe or looking at the tribes player lists you will still see everyone from both sides except they will be labeled depending on the branch they are in. So it may look like this ( [Sub]Bob / [Main]Steve ) in tribe chat/player lists!

Also players from the main tribe can choose to move and join the sub tribe by sending a request to the main tribe leader. Who can then approve/deny the request.

Also even though laws are not in the game yet all laws the main tribe set up are forced on to the sub tribe but the sub tribe can also add its own personal laws that only affect the sub tribe.

Now here is where I consider things to start getting good The sub tribe leader has an option to succeed the sub tribe from the main tribe! So say there is an Political argument from within the tribe or the sub tribe decides they are fed up with the main tribes laws or political views. Well the sub tribe leader can succeed the sub tribe from the main tribe.When this happens a pop up will come up for all members of the tribe saying "[Sub Tribe Leader name] has decided to succeed from the Tribe! Do you wish to follow [Sub Tribe Leader name] or evacuate to the main tribe?" At this point members of the sub tribe can decide if they want to rebel as well or stay with the main tribe. Those who evacuate will be teleported to the main tribe along with any containers marked as private to them. Everyone who stays will be put into the new tribe that the sub tribe leader controls! If you are offline with this happens and are in the sub clan when you log in you are given the choice. If the main clan has already recaptured the sub clan and you never choose you are automatically moved to the main clan.

At this point the main tribe can mount an assault on the sub tribe. If the main tribe leader gets to the sub tribe leaders totem activates "take sub tribe back" a warning will pop up for both tribes saying "Tribe is being re-merged with the main tribe" Its at that point it will also give a warning saying that if the sub tribe does not recapture(kill every member inside the area who is with the main tribe) the tribe in 10 minutes that the tribe will be taken back and the succeeded tribe will be disbanded!

If they do not take the tribe back the they will disband and the sub tribe will fall under the main tribes control again! At which point the leader has 1 day(Real Time, not game time) to choose a new leader for the sub tribe. If the Main Tribe does not choose a new leader for the sub tribe in 1 day the tribe becomes unclaimed neutral town. All containers inside become public, and the totem becomes captureable to anyone!

If they take it back everything returns to normal from before the assault. And if the sub tribe can resist being taken back from the main tribe for 3 days(real time not game time) they will become 100% separate. At this point the Main tribe can not reclaim like normal but can assault them as allowed by standard tribe war in game rules.

This is just a rough idea I had, A lot of things can be tweaked and more ideas added but I think this would be a great idea. It would add a fun and realistic form of government that's completely optional by the main clan leader!