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    Hello from Chicago Illinois, USA

    After watching game-play photage on youtube, and getting all the info I can on the game I realized it is the game ive been waiting for all my life.

    I loved to play wurm online, but the graphics were just bad, it was coded in java, sure, so that makes sense, but sadly no other game came close to it in terms of interactivity. That is what makes a game for me, open world, exploring and as much interaction I can have with the game world.

    I love minecraft too, same reasons. I have been following this game for a while and was shocked to see it go live so sudden. I have been burned before with MMO's so I was not going to pre-order another ever again. I was going to research this.

    Everything ive found on this game seems like its everything id ever want. Its like wurm, but with great graphics, the realism is awesome.

    I am one of the few people that LOVED hardcore mode in fallout new vegas, and whenever I play an open world game, I NEVER fast travel, even if its an option available to me.

    After watching about 20 youtube clips, reviews and walkthroughs of the game, I bought it last night, downloaded it while I sleep and had to go to work today without logging in.

    I cant wait till its 5pm. so I can go home and start my virtual life!

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    Welcome to Xsyon, you're in luck the game servers are IN Chicago, so you should have the best pings right now. I live 4hrs from Chicago in Toledo, and I get 0-10ms when it's not lagging.

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    I live about 2 hours south of Chicago, in Bloomington/Normal, but I can't claim to have been getting awesome pings. But then I haven't been paying attention to the pings since the recent updates.

    Always glad to see a new face in game, especially another Illinoisian.

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    No way! haha, so the development team and everyone is from Chicago too? or the servers they run off of just located here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cragvis View Post
    No way! haha, so the development team and everyone is from Chicago too? or the servers they run off of just located here?
    I'm not sure, but I know the server is atleast there. Not sure where the two download servers are at though.

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    maybe you will get some lag at that time,read the announcements to be well informed,best time to play right now without lag is 8h - 17h GMT+1


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    8 to 17 gmt is roughly about the same time I get home from work! perfect timing lol

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