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    THx from the European playerbase

    Very nice finally got it running a bit.
    Now the Europeans can, ow you know what lets do server maintenance in their prime time.
    Whats that about, so annoyed right now, friday evening finally time to play decently.
    Just wanted to point this out, after all the frustation of lag we get this

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    That happens whe nyou play a game with server location in chicago......pelase enable your brain

    Updates are always welcome and everyone could see they made huge progression the last 2 days from unplayable to playable.....

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    totally agree.
    Europe play in Xsyon since first betas.
    Dont try easy finding who fault. Just wait developers - they on work.

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    Foreigners played for free and want devs to wake up at 4am to do their jobs...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dontaze_Mebro View Post
    Foreigners played for free and want devs to wake up at 4am to do their jobs...

    Racist much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModEzekiel
    Nice try with the thread saver, but closing thread for either misleading topic or post content.

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    With the server located in Chicago, this is off-peak time for the host to do maintenance...
    It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d3m0nd0 View Post
    Racist much?
    Since when is calling someone a foreigner considered racist?

    Ignorant much?

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    Closed, trolling/flaming

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