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    Red face Looking For: Fun Active Casual Tribe

    Hello everyone. Am looking for a tribe that is active, fun to hang out and hunt with. A tribe that likes to explore with members of their tribe/clan folks, and HELPS with info (responding in chat or and vent). A tribe that does NOT kill new players that is/are exploring and wondering around to see what the game is about/like. A tribe that does NOT kill random explorers who's intention is to trade with tribe or seek help/protection. A tribe that is active (at least one person is online). Am looking for a tribe that builds and expand. A tribe that helps and communicate (in chat). A tribe that likes crafting, building and making things. A tribe that has some RP, or little, or just a fraction. A tribe with an alliance (ally with other nearby or faraway tribes or working towards one/some). A tribe that IS NOT all about PvP/PK. Am looking to make and meet new folks, friends and allies.
    Am looking for a tribe that does NOT mind me posting info on the forum (mostly on crafting).
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    PS...I dont talk much and do not use vent *unless its a raid...killing some dragon or gods* and its only to listen in. I can hear people...I may use vent thou.

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    Join Hopi perfect match

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    PM sent, check mail

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    PM sent

    Check your mail.

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    Hello and thank you all for the pm. Those who did PM me, I have sent back a reply. Thank you again.

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