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Thread: Just curious?

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    Just curious?

    I am just curious... How many Tribes are active/going to be active in Xsyon? I know there is a directory, but it would be nice to see "Active Tribes" reply here

    Then we can all have a better idea of the Tribal landscape of Xsyon.

    Note: If your location or Tribe size is not a secret please share that as well...

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    Active, and no location given, members 30+

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    Active. Leader +1
    Simi-Active Members +3
    Inactive. Members +7

    Anyone interested in becoming an active members click my signature.

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    all are active,but i mean during the day time the lag makes it a chore when thats sorted out we shall be on in force. if anyone is interested come on by

    come check us out small team based group no drama 13 member's so far and growing

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    Active and no location: 15 players +

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    Mar 2010
    New Vegas Republic, 'Murica
    The Wolverines Active 40+ near Founder's Island. We're also doing a newb training school in the area on a separate homestead.

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