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Thread: Just curious?

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    Just curious?

    I am just curious... How many Tribes are active/going to be active in Xsyon? I know there is a directory, but it would be nice to see "Active Tribes" reply here

    Then we can all have a better idea of the Tribal landscape of Xsyon.

    Note: If your location or Tribe size is not a secret please share that as well...

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    Active, and no location given, members 30+

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    Active. Leader +1
    Simi-Active Members +3
    Inactive. Members +7

    Anyone interested in becoming an active members click my signature.

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    all are active,but i mean during the day time the lag makes it a chore when thats sorted out we shall be on in force. if anyone is interested come on by

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    Active and no location: 15 players +

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    The Wolverines Active 40+ near Founder's Island. We're also doing a newb training school in the area on a separate homestead.

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