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    Restrict tree destruction

    Could we have a system/penalty for jerks that run around chopping down every tree in sight and then destroying it? Perhaps a timer that you can only do it once every X minutes when not on your tribal land.

    We encountered a jerk felling all the trees and destroying them in our entire region. We eventually killed him, but couldn't take his axe since it was account bound. Our area now looks like a desert and we are considering disbanding and moving on because of this (losing all the items we ahve stored in our baskets that are too heavy to take with).

    From a realism standpoint there is no way someone could possibly cut down and "destroy" an entire tree as fast as it is allowed. From a playability standpoint the system as is allows one person to render huge regions void of one of the most important resources in the game.

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    It should take MUCH longer to chop a tree down IMO. And use up lots of stam and hunger and thirst. That would at least slow him down, also when a tree is cut down, it should leave sprouts you can take to plant more trees with or whatnot. So you can re supply in case a griefer like that is around.

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    I remember a guy running around cutting down trees and when I asked him his reply was that he "had to level up his logging".

    Just a fact of live I guess. Here we have a splendid virtual world but we also have a large number of players chasing the numbers. I assume they think they get "better" when there's a high number next to a skill.

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    No need for any restriction, they should just set the trees to grow back in a day or 2, that would solve the problem.

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    agreed with Jadzia, does anyone have any proof if a tree grows back in the same spot if you leave the stump, this is one of the few mechanics we never bothered dicking around with in beta?

    Stump or No-stump what is the consensus?

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    I honestly think that eventually they will implement some mechanism where trees grow without the stump. IMO it should be something considerable longer than trees with stumps. Maybe a week after they are destroyed. This way it will be painful process for those who allow their area to be decimated and yet allow them to recover.

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    Trees do grow back but I've only seen it once after a server reset.

    Acording to a Guide's explanation, if the stump stays there the tree grows in the same spot, if they remove the stump, tree grows in a different spot(it still grows back tough...not possible to prevent tree growing in an area just because you fell them once and remove the stump).

    Now, I do agree that it should be more dificult to cut down trees, since it clearly takes more than one person to manage the resources obtained from it (transporting the logs).

    If some of you check out the gallery there is at least one picture (from alpha) where a group of people are chopping down a forest. On a particular one there's 3 guys hacking at a tree with axes. Now, this picture might have been taken for the purpose of beeing a picture, but it could mean that on an early concept that might have meant you couldn't chop a tree with just one swing and that people needed to chop trees together to have it down in quality time.

    Not sure if what we have now is a different direction or a temporary one but I agree that allowing players the ability to devastate a single area in less than a few minutes is a bad option.

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    I bet if you could have gone back to his totem and torn down his shit, this wouldnt be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    I bet if you could have gone back to his totem and torn down his shit, this wouldnt be an issue.
    wait you can't?

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    This was 420 and BAC right? I think they have been baned so don't worry.

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