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    Allow us to Terraform in lower increments such as .05 and .1, it would make our lives so much easier.

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    Yea, it is a bit of a pain to control how much you change the land. The most common action will be flatten/level and it's very hard to do with it taking/dropping a random large amount of dirt. There needs to be more options besides raise lower, something to trim/sprinkle.

    Another problem is, it seems any terraforming wipes out the ground texture so that branche's/twigs won't pile up again and grass won't grow back. Should be that you need to pack or pave it to cause this and clearing the land would remove the pack/pavement to allow it again. I'd like to flatten my land a bit. It has a very small slope but has a high spot on one side and a low area on the other. To get it flat would require massive flatting across the whole area and all resources would be permanetly wiped out.

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    I agree, some more control over the terraforming would be great. I think a Level Terrain Up / Level Terrain Down would be a good addition because it seems so random when you want the terrain to go down but instead it goes up.

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    In wurm when you leveled, it did it to 4 corners of the tile you are on. It would collect dirt if needed to get it level. So you drop 4 dirt on one corner and it would level. If you droped 5 on a level tile corner, it would raise each corner 1 and drop a dirt back in your inventory. If you had dirt and it was 1 or 2 short to make level, it would take that dirt and use it. The problem here is, it levels to a fraction of a dirt and when there is extra, a corner gets raised. If there is not enough, a corner goes down.

    What is needed here is:
    Reduce the weight of dirt to 1/10 and increase max stack size 10x.
    Make raising and lowering move 10 dirt instead of 1
    Add a sprinkle/trim or what ever to raise/lower by only 1 dirt.

    For leveling:
    Allow it to add excess dirt to your inventory if it has only 1 or 2 extra dirt. Allow it to remove dirt from your inventory to level if you have it and it is only 1 or 2 short.

    When the landscaping window is open, turn on the tile/poly edges for 5-10m around the char so you can tell better how flat it is at a glance.

    Terraforming likely works at a finer res then even .1m since it tracks/shows your current elevation to .01m. So there will still be some roughness. But .01m is only .39" assuming the elevation data is in meters.

    Better control over dirt raise lower would address another problem, and that is making ramps. Right now it's hard to get an even ramp with out ending up with a stair step from using flatten every so often to get it level side to side.

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    Agrees with OP in the way, that Level terrain should be more user friendly. Right now its just way to random if the terrain goes up or down!

    As for Raise and lower terrain, you should also have a Level up and Level down.

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