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    To Clear This Up

    I have never played Xsyon but it looks fun. I do have a few questions though and was hoping for some good answers.

    I am interested in a game like this if it will eventually have siege conquest, as what is the point of building a castle if not to use it in defense?

    I hear they may be moving to mount and blade combat style. Where in the order of desire and implementation is this in the opinion of the players?

    I come from Darkfall. I enjoy the game, but I want more than pvp, and not only that I want a reason to pvp. Xsyon seems like Shadowbane in the sense that you build your own area, even terraform the land (and moreso in this game) and so you have this attachment to it. You create your own currency etc, very in depth situations that will bring about complex political turmoil and negotiations eventually. If the game can develop the way they say it will, I don't expect war to be an extremely common thing as it is so costly and also makes enemies (in this case for daunting amounts of time and or resources as the dev suggests). But still I live for the over-the-shoulder glance to make sure there isn't a PK creeping up on me, and the intensity of pitting my character build and personal playstyle against another player, as well as my strategic cunning and political savvy. I want to help build an empire and feel the glory of battle, not just make clay bricks near the sea and wait for them to wash away. So my question is, is this the game for me?

    I am willing to accept "eventually" as an answer as long as it is really in the plans to make combat more like M&B with a tiny bit of magic.

    And also, I'm new to forums and the game. Hi guys!

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    I'm afraid little is known about the future of siege. Prelude is about building your tribe and preparing you for the onslaught. Down the road, during or just before the end of prelude, tribes will have the option to disable their safe zone to allow pvp on their tribal land. There is no benefit to doing this other then further game immersion.

    A Mount and Blade style combat system will be looked into once the server hiccups have been sorted. A lot of players are really hoping they are able to pull this off, or at least something similar.

    I would say that little paragraph summed up Xsyon quiet nicely. It is not PvP focused and there is always the chance of political debates. Currently there are many items that could be used as a form of currency but they are rate, it is a trade system currently.

    and... Welcome

    P.S. its pronounced Zion

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    Excellent. Thankyou for the response. I think I will watch the forums for a little longer, but I'm pretty sure my girlfriend and I are going to come play. Then if we like it other guildies may come along. My good friend is interested but only enjoys playing a caster. I told him it will be a while before magic is in, if ever. (Do you know if magic is planned for sure or just on the wishlist?) Though I told him it may be fun to develop with the world anyhow, and then eventually get magic.

    Hope to be in game having fun with you guys in the future.

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