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    So the game looks amazing. At the moment I' am playing Darkfall and im just being steered away because of the empty lands. What I mean by that is that I will ride for long periods of time with seeing a single person nor will i bump into a hamlet or city by accident. I will even ride around enemy starter areas and its pretty vacant.

    My only concern with Xsyon is if the lands will be filled with a bunch of random homesteads and tribe villages all over the place or will i just be running around vacant lands. I understand game is still very early but what are your impressions, those who have played.

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    Good population in my opinion. The zone you pick to settle in is crucial; your neighbors set the tone. Right now, people are gathering and skilling up. Once people get more recipes you’ll see more creative structures. For me, beta provided a lot of confidence in the possibilities of the world.

    In addition, I wouldn’t worry too much about vacant structures. Structure decay, once implemented, will help a lot. I think until players are provided with more features to deal with this the dev will be doing a lot of “upkeep” and “staging the battlefield”.

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