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    Awesome Game

    Hey all, pretty new to the game, found out about it from a friend of mine telling me about an awesome upcoming new sandbox MMO so I checked it out and bought it a couple days before launch. I've posted on here a few times but figured I might as well do an "introduction" of sorts just so there is somewhere on the forum that will let people know what my name is in game so they can connect the two if they want.

    So far it's a really awesome game and I'm spending all of my free time playing it. Name's Robert in game and if you ever need baskets when you're around zone 1019 just holler and I'll see about hookin' ya up.

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    Welcome to Xsyon buddy. Anything you need just whisper Redwyne ingame.

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    Not too far from yeah, howdy neighbor…
    Have any questions or interested in trade give us a shout, the ascended. In game name is Kroom.

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    Welcome and glad you like the game.

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

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