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Thread: New Player LFT

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    New Player LFT

    I am a new player looking for a tribe. I am looking for a mature (over 18) tribe that wants some newbs and knows what to do with them. I need a little guidance and tools would be nice too.

    If you are looking to get your fort going, do crafting, pvp, and pve all with your tribe of newbs, I'm the guy for you.

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    Pandemic Tribe is seeking out more mature people to join our group and have lots of fun crafting and pvp! We offer Stable tribe expierienced players from beta days, vibrant tribe and pvp me if intrested or check our site for more info and apply

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    The "Last Hope" Tribe would be interested in having you join us, contact "TheButcher" ingame when you are next online if interested.

    We are mostly peaceful however defend ourselves without much of a push

    We are becoming a bussling village with many quests and friendly people.

    Contact "TheButcher" by typing " /w TheButcher " ingame and i will gladly give you more info and our location. We will even help you haul your things if you need a hand.

    Kind regards,

    Last Hope Tribe

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    i think we are what your looking for check the recuitment info in my sig and send me a pm if interested or contact me ingame name is blake

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    The New Vegas Republic has opened up its newb training school. We're always looking for new students and instructors to help teach the next generation of players! Send a /w to Rohaan or Corbett in game or shoot me a PM here on the forums.

    We're located just off of Founder's Island in zone 979.

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    Check us out here
    We aren't very pvp oriented but we do need some strong pvpers for defense
    We have a thriving town of 25 members and we would love to add another crafter to our ranks
    We are a neutral tribe and we have players from both sides of the globe; so there is almost always someone on
    We also boast the mighty Temple to the Great River and are currently working on building cabins and walls

    You can contact Ravelli, reef, earlgrey, wicked, or me Anna for more information

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