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    Looking for Fun!

    Hi, im new here, just made account a few days ago, havent gotten the game down yet, but i figured out i could just try to get a tribe in the meantime.

    Im 28 years old, living in norway.

    I use both mumble, Ventrilo and Teamspeak 3, Im not the best at speaking english sence its not my native language, but i understand it pretty well

    Sence im from norway, my local time is 9 hour difference from PST time.
    The ultimate would be some kind of scadinavian tribe, but its not a must!

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    Hi there! We have couple people from norway and if you intrested in pvp tribe then check us out

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    Yes exactly what star_god said.
    Around 50% of our people is from europe, so they will be playing at the same timezone as you do ^^

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    hiya mate; come check Forsaken out:

    We have some players from EU, Russia as well etc..

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    Pm sent, check your mail.

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    Have a look at New Eden. We're a primarily crafting tribe that's pretty active. We have a couple guys from EU and one from New Zealand. Some of us from the States have rather off hours too. =)

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    Hi there,

    "We Strive" is an 8 member tribe currently recruiting new members to help us expand, construct and grow.

    We are a no pressure tribe with big dreams but realistic expectations from members. Freedom is key with us

    We are on the EU server.

    Contact "TheButcher" or "NinaAnsol" ingame by typing /w TheButcher or /w NinaAnsol.

    We hope to hear from you soon to leave your mark on our camp construction!

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    If you're looking for an active tribe regardless of where you live, check out Hopi. We have a lot of European members and NA members who play during all peak times. Other perks include an awesome website, active and friendly playerbase, and a focus on teamwork and civilization building. Welcome to Xsyon.

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