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    Scroll up/down in Crafting list.

    we defenetly need a better scroll up/down on the Crafting list.
    Because the scroll is too slow and when u have like 150 recepies and u want to get to the last one ... its kinda taking forever..
    i dont think its a big problem to improve the scroll

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    Being able to re-size windows, would be an even bigger help.

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    I absolutly agree.
    I can gather 5\6 rocks while getting to the bottom of my tool recipe list.....
    A scroll bar or sorting of some kind is a MUST....

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    This is definitely a must!

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    For the love of all the things good in life, yes.

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    I support this suggestion. A way to scroll up or down in chat quickly would be good too.

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    Agreed! It is a pain in the arse the way it is now.

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    A better place to put this op is in the suggestions area - Where I have a longstanding request

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    I agree this game definitely needs: Scroll Bar, Re-sizeable Windows, Search Function, and a Sort by: Alphabet, Set, and Type.

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    Most definitely- sorting options would make things so much easier. Scrolling for 20 seconds to see what new recipe I learned = pain.

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