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    i took a pretty big drop in Frames Per Second...

    So last night when I was playing, before server went down. I was getting 24-28 fps generally.

    Today, I saw there was a small update, I only get 11-15fps. Thats a big difference to me.

    Just curious, what changed or what can we do on our side? I tried adjusting my settings to a lower setting.. but nothing helped.

    I easily get 40-60fps on games with high settings like Rift, Aion, Darkfall, so my system is not even close to being under powered.

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    Certain objects are extremely badly optimized in Xsyon. On my high end machine the game normally runs @ 150-200 FPS. However, when I look at some objects, my FPS drops to exactly 30 FPS.

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    The first day of rift beta the FPS was like 20 on max. It'll take a little more time to optimize xsyon. However, I don't run completely maxed as you don't see drastic differences with all of the settings. I cannot see any screen lag.

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    hmm, i thought it was just me, a few of our members have also felt the same effects of more fps lag instead of ping lag.

    for me specifically, the lower my view distance detail setting, the more fps lag i have, which is .... not suppose to happen ! lol.

    but i do hope it gets fixed ;(

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