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    This is a list of suggestions that I think would be good to have implemented, tweaked, changed, or removed.

    Everyone is welcome to make suggestions or discuss whatever I have listed in here, it's just easier for me to make this one thread instead of making a lot of new threads.

    And if people actually discuss suggestions in this thread, and make suggestions, then I'll put those suggestions up on the list, if, I and others agree with it.
    If a suggestion get's on the list, the username/s of the post/s in which the suggestion was first mentioned, will be written under the suggestion on this list.

    Here we go:

    • Your character is in game before you are done loading "Entities"
      A: Make players have a timer in which they cannot be harmed upon logging in, the player who are logging in will become vulnerable when timer expires, or the player moves.
      B: Make players who are logging in invisible to other players for a set time, the player who are logging in will become visible and vulnerable when timer expires, or the player moves.

    • Implement ways to transport water.
      A: Waterskins (Leathercrafting) maybe even make them so they can fit in the pouch spots.
      B: Buckets and Bowls (Being able to transport water to the camp).
      C: Both A & B?

    • Naming or labeling bins and pouches.
      A: Right click option: "Re-name".
      B: Crafting of labels, and attaching labels to bins and pouches.

    • General Chat.
      A: Make General chat reach only within your own zone.
      B: Make " /yell " reach your own zone, and " /say " very short range (30meters at best), and make a new chat " /Zone " which is larger, but can be disabled. (Suggested by Sparrow_chavoda)
      C: Make a new chat " /yell " which has the same reach as the current General chat " /say ", then re-make General chat " /say ", to only reach either 1: your own zone, 2: the radius of 1 zone, or 3: less than 1 zone.

    • Projects and buildings.
      A 1: Make it so that you can salvage 1/3 of the materials used to make a project or a buildings when canceled or removed.

      A 2: Make timer on building projects slightly longer.

    • Encroaching.
      A: When you encroach, IE. scavenging / drinking / gathering etc., on another tribes area, it should only give warning message once.
      ( Ex. If you have asked permission from the owners of the scrap, it's annoying that it keeps spamming ones chat)

    • Dieing with gathered resources. Game-breaking*

      (Ex. Players can gather until they are full of sand, other players can then trade him to fill his backpack even more, when he is completely full, they can kill him and he will re-spawn at his own tribe totem, easy way to gather resources without having to run all the way back, with more sand than he would normally be able to carry).

      A: ?

    • jumping exploit. Game-breaking*
      (Players can sprint while spamming jump to gain more speed)

      A: ?

    • Getting attacked while character is on a timer IE. Scavenging, fishing, gathering etc.
      (As it is right now, your character will be stuck in scavenging or other gatherings, even when attacked, only way to break the timer is to jump)

      A: Make it so timers will break if you move, or get attacked.

    • Dropping items.
      (You have to drag 1 item out of your inventory and click "Yes" to discard an item, then drag another item out and repeat).
      A: Make it so you can drag multiple items out of your inventory before clicking "Yes" to discard the items.

    Everything written in this post, incl. the ABC's, is only suggestions, nothing I write in here is set in stone, and nothing in here is something that I must have.

    If I think something is game-breaking, then I'll obviously report it to support, but also clearly state that I think, that this suggestion needs fixing ASAP., And is game-breaking.

    If you agree, disagree or have any suggestions you think would look good on this list, feel free to leave a post, I only ask that you to let me and everyone else who might be lurking around these parts of the forum, know why.

    I will update the list whenever I think of something else to add, or whenever I feel it's needed.

    Updated 20/3/11

    Added a few things

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    Good post, personally details :

    I would like to see /yell being the zone , no larger, and /say be a very short range (30meters at best, less the a homestead claim wide)

    I can see the need for a larger then zone chat named /Z (for zones) , tho I would like to be able to disable that option.

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