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Thread: Disable snow!

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    Disable snow!

    I don't see anything and don't feel like logging in anymore with this annoying white snow.

    Please disable it and after revamping, enable it again.

    Do it.

    XSYON, would you like to play your game if it looked like this?

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    Hey look something happened.

    Lets complain about it.

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    Disable jumpshot, it is clearly ruining the game xD

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    Oh hey, disable anything new, since that will ruin the game play we have now.

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    Turn your bloom off if it's on, won't be so annoying.

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    I disagree. I like the snow.

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    Revamp the snow? Should it be made transparent like its real life equivalent?

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    I really liked the snow. The snow covering on the trees was a nice touch.

    However, it does cause a few problems. The chat window is almost impossible to read with heavy snow on the ground. We need to be able to either change the colors, or set the chat window transparency.

    Also, grass does look horribly out of place in heavy snow, and makes it harder on the eyes. Heavy snow needs to cover up the grass, just like any other ground texture. It could be that we only got a few inches so far and it will eventually cover, in which case thats great.

    Overall, winter looks very awesome! I'm sure my opinion will change once the freezing cold affects my character, but for now I love the winter!

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    I'm confused I haven't seen any snow at all since launch. Are you referring to the puddles that appear after there has been a rain?

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    Keep the snow. Quit the complaining

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