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    LF Tribe

    New to the game and looking for a tribe that's down for answering a question here and there. I plan on being somewhat active in the game, as I play usually a couple hours a day. I dont mind getting teamspeak setup, already have vent from raiding on wow. I'm pretty relaxed and wont be stirin shit up with other players, as its a game and should be fun imo. PvP or not, i usually prefer killin ppl.. but then again.. not really used to this game or its setup, so that might change if it turns into 2 guys beatin each other with twigs or something dumb. I dont mind crafting, or putting time into building things, played wurm a ton and never really got bored of having a couple toons tossing up buildings or w/e needed to be done. Lemme know if your Tribe is interested. As I mentioned, I'm very green to the game and dont know how to even whisper someone lol, but can learn fast

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    Hi there

    The "Last Hope" Tribe would be interested in having you join us, contact "TheButcher" ingame when you are next online if interested.

    We are mostly peaceful however defend ourselves without much of a push

    We are becoming a bussling village with many quests and friendly people.

    Contact "TheButcher" by typing " /w TheButcher " ingame and i will gladly give you more info and our location. We will even help you haul your things if you need a hand.

    Kind regards,

    Last Hope Tribe

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    Pm sent, check your mail.

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    You sound like you could fit in.. Pandemic Tribe is seeking out more mature people to join our group and have lots of fun crafting and pvp! We offer Stable tribe expierienced players from beta days, vibrant tribe and pvp raids. Check our site for more info

    And if you got more question send me pm

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    I think everyone is looking for members still.

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