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    While i like the idea of changing seasons, and having that look and feel that its really winter, snow should be clearable using the 'Clear Terrain' function.

    Also, snow should be a resource pool for water, perhaps making it a 1-2 time gather as a water source.

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    Add hyperthermia and declining stats for those who go around nude in the snow.

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    You can only drink snow if you can melt it, altough I like the stat loss/ hyperthrmia idea. Too bad confort is not on yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrianna View Post
    snow should be clearable using the 'Clear Terrain' function.
    Not being able to clear or move the snow has been my major annoyance. I think this method would be the best way to implement a way to move/remove snow to see the underlying terrain.
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