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    autostack and biger stack

    I think it would be cool to have an autostack (on right click to try autostack item to already opened container)
    my other suggestion would be to significantly extend the stack quantities. It not only help the clickfest, items organization for players, but it imho relieve the server load very much.

    to have three 50 item baskets only to store one type of fur must take hard on server for example and this could take only one slot in one basket alltogether.
    another thing comes with this when moving from large stack, shift pressed or something should allow split.

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    I don't know if higher stack sizes for everything is a good idea, but definitely for some. Also, your post gave me an idea that you should be able to select items from your inventory, maybe with a shift function where you click the item and then shift click the last item and it will select all inbetween. Also a ctrl click function would be nice, then you could either move all items simultaneously or have a button that automatically moves those selected items to the bin and sorts them. Also, setting up certain slots in a bin to be reserved for certain items (say Black Bear Fur) would be good as well.

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