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    option to empty or discard whole bag

    for server relieve and to players aswell, an option to discard the contents of the whole bag, with some kind of confirmation verification to avoid accidents
    some tiny button on the other side of bag window would do it.

    lazy people are already doing it wrong way and discarding their bags full of crafting training crap by simply puting down the 50 slot basket anywhere outside their territory and it messes server and never decays.

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    Huh, I've never seen anyone just drop a bin full of stuff to get rid of it. Eventually there is supposed to be a way to replenish JPs by discarding your items, so I don't see the use in letting it go to waste. Oh, it was training stuff. I like to keep all of my training stuff (except recently when I made 30 scarves my tribe couldn't use, so I discarded it all over our JP in an effort to replenish it =P. Even though the feature is probably not in yet).

    ALSO, a way to prevent people from just tossing their leveling equipment is a way of salvaging the items for a percentage of the materials that you put into it.

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    well actualy its faster to make a new 50 slot basket than to clickfest remove 50 items. (and ppl generaly do whatever is more quick/efficient) And no offence if everyone would store thousands od red leather scarfs, i pity the server too.

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