The citys need more LIVE!
Please read it and or post your own idea and what are the Progamming Team think about this Idea?
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The Programming Team need more Time for the BIG COMBAT SYSTEM!
A Little IDEA and a little way for PVP Combat System Lite
1.After a little Timeline at the Totem spawns a NPC Woman(NOT VULNERABLE) and NPC Children(NOT VULNERABLE) and NPC Guards
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Homesteads: can have 1 NPC Woman and 5 NPC CHILDREN and 5 NPC GUARDS
At the Totem spawns after 1-3 Months 2 NPC Woman and 5 NPC CHILDREN and 1 NPC GUARD at a TRIBE (20 Member) spawns 3 NPC Woman and 5 NPC CHILDREN
2.This NPC BABY/CHILDREN/WOMAN is now running/playing randomly in the city!
The NPC GUARD which we can give him order(Guard/Patrol/Agrresiv/passiv/Attack or defend and FOLLOW! and HEAL Command)
3.NOW..the citys have Live and with relativ simple Programming we have for a Future PVP a Defending Guard
4.Number of Guards:
Homestaeds: Can have maximum 5 guards ..1 NPC Woman.. 2 NPC Children
CLANS and TRIBES: Can have maximum 20 guards...10 NPC WOMAN and 10 NPC Children

5.The FOLLOW command to a NPC GUARD is also a little way to protect our Crafter OUTSIDE of the saved Citys.
6.And..the next improvement of the LITE PVP COMBAT SYSTEM:
-we can forage a rare Plant with Name "MOONSTONE".Its a healing Plant
-The NPC Guards have a slot and we can fuel this Slot with "MOONSTONE" (Healing Plant)
-with this NPC Guard the clans can attack/walk (the FOLLOW Command) a other Clan
- the NPC Guard have a 5-10 feet Radius an in this Radius he can heal with the HEAL COMMAND the Players!..But he need enough "MOONSTONE,Healing Plant" inside of her Slot!

Now we have first a LITE COMBAT PVP SYSTEM and the Programming Team more TIME for the complex PVP System! ... and a improved City-Live with NPC Children/Woman/Guards(random walking/playing in City)

Programming Team need:
-Model NPC Woman with a random Scipt (Walking/playing) around the starting Totem with a small radius and Animations spawns all 2 Month
-Model NPC Children with a random Scipt (Walking/playing) around the starting Totem with a small radius and Animations spawns all 2 Month
-Model NPC Guard with a basket/slot for the "MOONSTONE" and the Commands(FOLLOW,HEAL,PATROL/PATROLPOINTS,AGGRESIV,DEFENSIV,DEFEND,ATTACK,GUARD ) and the Animations and they spawns all 1 Month in City