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Thread: Stat Reduction

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    Stat Reduction

    Anyone know the causes of it?

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    I have no Idea but i have lost 1 point of strength from fishing , seems strange that i have not raised any through the other skills ive been using, maybe its bugged, does anyone know what to do to raise stats ?

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    its bugged and i believe is goign to be fixed

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    Actually You CAN regain strength by doing some masonry.

    Nothing to fix.

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    I gained 1 point in perception by going from 25 to about 90~ scav. I also lost 1 in strength, agility, and charm. One thing of note is I didnt start eating in game since last night, so I am wondering if thats why I lost 3 points

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    As a crafter, I need str to carry the resources back to my land. Carrying heavy loads should raise str, not lower it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    its bugged and i believe is goign to be fixed
    1) not understood =/= bugged
    2) I really am wondering if there are mods now

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